BVN Enrollment Update

Due to the current outbreak of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), Avante Global Services has temporarily limited new BVN enrollment applications at many of our facilities.

Avante’s Princeton Junction, NJ location has temporarily closed as of December 1st, 2020 with no definite date to reopen.

We kindly request you follow these guidelines before going for your appointment.
1) Come in by appointment only. – NO WALK INS
2) Provide your own mask – OR NO ENTRY
3) Upon arrival client must stay in their car and call us to let us know they are here and an Avante employee will greet them outside.
4) Only 1 person at a time admitted into the building – No extra family members.
5) Once entered into the building, temperature will be checked and client is required to use hand sanitizer.
6) Avante will not be allowing public to use company restroom.
7) If you are late, entry will not be allowed due to limited scheduling. Please respect your scheduled appointment and be on time. Please give us a call in advance if you are running late and we can reschedule.
9) Bring the following with you: 2 Government Identifications (Passport, Drivers License) and 1 passport picture.

We apologize for any inconvenience but we hope you understand for the safety of our staff, we will be following these guidelines.